Presentation Guidelines

TODAY 2024. 05. 29

ICCE-Asia 2024


Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentations

  • Please go into the session room at least 15 minutes before the session starts and identify yourself to the session chair.
  • Please submit the presentation slide. You need to bring your ppt file on USB memory, and load it on the computer in your session room. You also need to confirm whether it is working properly. This is very important to pay attention to this time frame. The visual equipment provided is a beam projector.
  • Time assignment including discussion is as follow
    - Oral Presentation (SS + Oral) : 15 minutes presentation per presenter (3 minutes of Q&A included)

Poster Presentations

  • You need to prepare your poster within this size and attach it on the poster board in your session room at least 10 minutes before the session starts, and then remove your poster immediately after the session finishes
  • Authors (or presenters) are expected to adhere to the following formal guidelines:
    • 1. Set up your posters in advance of the session.
    • 2. Be in attendance with your poster throughout the poster session.
    • 3. Present and elucidate your papers to the assembled audience

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